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Sunrise over Mountains


Hey stranger. My name is Donovan, though I go by Don. I am an upper sixth (form twelve) student at boarding school in India. If you need anything, I'm probably your guy.


A bit about me: I play the piano, write, box, and generally love mucking around. I run these websites and a couple others, but lets save the product pitches for elsewhere.


I study History with Mathematics, and I don't like onions. That's about it.


Instagram: @zasxgas

Facebook: @DonovanDF

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Forest Scene

My Story:

I have grown up across too many places to call any one of them my home, but lets try and get an idea. I have lived in the foothills of Northern India, gone to boarding school for a decade in the Indo-Gangetic plains, lived in fast-paced (and quite frankly, sandy) state of Qatar, been to school in the hills too, and am now graduating from yet another boarding school in the Eastern part of India. Oh, and to top things off, I now reside in the other half of the sandy hemisphere of the middle east: Sharjah and Dubai.

You're probably here from one of our interactions, so it might come in handy if I mention our possibly points of contact here, or even our future interactions: GYBN Sri Lanka, GYBN India, GYBN Asia, Extinction Rebellion XR Qatar, Extinction Rebellion XR India, CoalitionWILD, The United Nations Major Group For Children, The Youth Policy Collective, The Tezpur Rotary Club, The Lucknow Rotary Club, The World Youth Alliance, DeMolay International, YLAC, COY, COP, or YOUNGO

Reach Out!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 8099648737

+974 3161 2643

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