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The Global Student's Debating Union is a collective of some of the most refined student debators in the world, who are looking to make quality discourse available to all.


Each member of the GSDU is a national debating laureate in his or her home country, and the adjudicators are professionals in fields that are pertinent to the topics that fall under the hammer.

Until now, all our debates were conducted offline and unrecorded; due to the sensitive nature of the topics being discussed - but all that's about to change.

In keeping with the times, we are now going online - watch this space the coming December. Admittedly, we are slightly delayed in joining the (virtual) party gang, but lets call that being "fashionably late", shall we?

Active recruitments to the GSDU are currently closed, but a roster of potential applicants is being built. Send in your resumes with an expression of interest to this email.​

Three Continents.

Five Countries.

Fourteen Cities. 

"We're game if you are.​"


The Formats We Follow:

Unmodified WSDC

The unmodified World Schools Debating Format is the one with which all of us are presumably the most familiar. All new entries to the GSDU or to AISDC will first have to win three unmodified WSDC debates before being offered participation in our other formats.

Modified Cambridge

The modified Cambridge format differs from the British Parliamentary format by virtue of having no interjections mid-speech, and that speakers must compulsorily answer at least one question post each of their arguments.

Oxford Parliamentary

British Parliamentary Style Debate is one of the more popular forms, based on debates in the British Parliament. It was first adopted by UK universities, but is now popular in debating competitions around the world.

Classic Turncoat

The classic variation of the Turncoat debate is only offered to members who outperform expectations: you see, it is the hardest form of formal competitive debating currently in existence. Candidates must argue the merits and demerits of a topic - against themselves.

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