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The word "Apricus" means "having lots of sunlight" or "as cheerful as the sun", depending on whether you interpret it from ecclesiastical or romantic Latin. 

The Apricus Club is, as the name suggests, a club. It is a group of people who are working towards
social change. Our members include India's first youth-led think tank that has worked towards legal personhood of the environment; a startup that aims to provide mental health counseling to those who cannot afford it; a U.S. based student networking app with over 1,500 users, and a sizeable number of individuals who have social projects for which they need either contacts or manpower.

The Apricus Club's main aim is to build a community of welfare workers while they're young and enthusiastic, so that we can collectively make a real change when all our members have climbed the ladder of life.

The A Club currently has members in 12 countries. Membership is limited to people under the age of 21.

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